Sang Ayu Putu Sriasih


The study entitled 'Grammatical Material in the Text Book (Indonesian) for the Junior High School aims at describing the presentation of grammatical material in relation to the syllaby, describing its order (procedure), and describing the grammatical material viewed from the real use of the language (communication approach).

By employing content analysis, the results of the study show that grammatical material in three Indonesian text books of junior high school covered phonological, morphological, and syntactic structures. Those three structures were very relevant towards the general instructional design. Both the themes and the sub themes were systematically and logically presented. Grammatical material was presented by following the procedures of explanative, ostensive, pictorial, and contextual. Explanative, ostensif, and contextual procedures could almost be found in every grammatical sub theme, while the pictorial procedure was only presented in accordance with the type of material and the degree of possibility in which the material could be presented in the from of graphics, chart, illustration, and so forth. The presentation of the grammatical material in the text book 1, 2, and 3, viewed from the use of the communicative approach, can be generally said that it has considered the principles of the communicative approach. Thus, the presentation of the material is finally directed to the use of the real language


grammatical material, textbook, communicative approach

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