Aplikasi metode mengajar problem based-learning di fakultas keI\ol\teran

Myrnawati .


The education process in Indonesian universities at present still revolves around the lecturer, with lect~rring as teaching method. A good teaching'method is supposed to go
hand-in-hand with he aim of teaching, to support teaching activities arid encourage students' active role in the process. The lecturing inethod is one of teaching merliods which is still widely used in universities, including in the facul,@ of medicines, ~lhereasit is not quite linkable with medical practices that require integrated knowledge, decision making, working together with other colleagues and comntunicating wifh patients. That is why this lecturing method has to be .supported by other method, i.e. the problem-based learning (PBL). One of the forms of PBL which is appropiate for the faculty of medicine is the case-based learning (CBL), in the light that it is more focused on the root of medical problems rather than problem solving itself The aint of implementing this method for
ntedical students is to provide them with means to be able to learn from real life and work in the real world, which in this matter is the medical world.

KEYNQRDS case-based learning, lecture method, student-active approach

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