Kandungan Logam Berat Timbal (Pb), Kadmium (Cd) dan Tembaga (Cu) dalam air Kali Wonokromo

Amirudin Prawita


The aims of this research was to determine the concentration of heavy metals (i.e. Pb, Cd and Cu ) in the river of Kali Wonokromo and  to know whether that concentration was fulfill the requirement concentration that is stated on government regulation of ”Peraturan Daerah Kota Surabaya Nomor 02 tahun 2004” as source for drinking water. Sample was collected from Kali Wonokromo before Dam Wonokromo every Saturday and Monday from May to June, 2007. Concentration of Pb, Cd and Cu sample  were analyzed using the Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (FAAS). The results showed that average concentrations of each heavy metal were fulfill the requirement and the statistical analysis showed there were significant difference in the concentration of Pb, Cd and Cu between samples which were collected on Saturday and Monday.

Keyword (s): heavy metal, lead, cadmium, cuprum, atomic absorption spectroscopy


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