Diversifikasi Konsumsi Masyarakat Berdasarkan Menu Seimbang dan Skor Pola Pangan Harapan pada Keluarga Balita di Kabupaten Pacitan

Sri Sumarmi, Lutfi Agus Salim



The objective of this research was to study the quantity and quality of daily food menu consumed by families. Research was conducted at Pacitan District in East Java Province. The sample size ware 118 families that have children under five year old randomly selected from 4 sub district among 12 sub district in Pacitan. The observed variables were: 1) Nutrient intake, including energy and protein as well as micronutrient intake. It’s observed using 24 hours dietetic recall method. 2) Food consumption pattern, observed by food frequency method, 3) Food quality, analyzed using two parameters i.e well balance diet and score of Desirable Dietary Pattern. The result indicates that quantity of food consumed by families represented by nutrients intake were low if compared with the standard of Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). The average of energy intake was 73% of RDA, and protein intake was 76.45% of RDA. The quality of food consumption was categorized unbalance diet, because it was low protein and high carbohydrate. Score of Desirable Dietary Pattern was very good (89.19). The score was closed to national score, and it was categorized in golden triangle. Despite of good quality in score, but it’s still necessary to increase animal protein production in order to improve score of animal food.

Key words: food consumption pattern, well balance diet, desirable dietary pattern

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